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Jose Diez

TIL: You can use breadboard wires to eject SIM trays

Toot toot (hello from Mastodon 2.3.3)

Hi, testing, hello, is this still on after months of neglect?

That feeling of having a song stuck in your head, googling your vague recollection of the lyrics, and finding it <3

Where would humanity be without matplotlib and numpy.

Active Directory server down, coworkers panicking because they can't log into their computers/network services.

And they looked at me sideways for running Windows inside a virtual machine instead of the other way around. :^)

I cannot stop listening to Everything Is Awesome on repeat. Send help.

tfw you log in to your bank account and have more money than expected

ALSO: Am I the only one that gets a new follower from every time I toot? It's pretty annoying ._.

ALRIGHT. Release candidate is out, acceptance test is running, I can go home now. 20:07. wew

* There is only one opportunity per week to run the acceptance tests for our software (needs to run uninterrupted for 48 hours).
* The deadline for releasing this thing is early next week
* It's not finished yet

Conclusion: long Friday at work! Yay!

"what you're referring to as Mastodon, is in fact GNU/Mastodon"

I chuckled

Looks like my Mastodon instance is RIP

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[on a beaglebone or other low-power single-core device]
$ pip install numpy
[fifty million years later]
[still compiling]